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Fix it and flip it… or make it home

September 11, 2016
Many people are buying investment properties and homes that are run down and in need of some TLC. With… Read more

Will your insurance cover you?

September 4, 2016
The fine print in contracts can be a maze to understand. Often people will have some insurance in their… Read more

Why do I need a financial adviser?

August 28, 2016
“Most people need a planner. The ones who don’t need one are usually smart enough to use one,” wrote… Read more

12 Easy ways to save money

August 21, 2016
The first step is the hardest. Turn your financial life around with a few simple steps and some determination. Read more

Take control of your home loan

August 14, 2016
As the Reserve Bank lowers the official interest rate to an all-time low of 1.5pc, some of the banks… Read more

How to get $20,000 from the government for your first home

August 7, 2016
Don’t wait too long to purchase one of your greatest investments! You could be watching the latest movie in… Read more