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Team “Long Run to Ruin”

Oxfam raising awareness in our community

It’s a great pleasure to provide a show of support to existing DFG Wealth clients and friends, David, James, Matthew and Rick, together known as the “Long Road to Ruin” participate in the 2017 Oxfam Australia Melbourne Trail this weekend.

A big couple of days ahead with the teams eagerly starting at Jells Park at Wheelers Hill and 100kms later craving finishing at Westburn Park. We have a forecast of scattered rain on Saturday and, being Melbourne….more rain on Sunday. May morale be high throughout the trek and remember it’s all for an important cause.

It takes a lot of effort, training and dedication to be part of these events and we are proud to donate and support this great team and Oxfam.

Oxfam Australia does life-saving work to combat poverty around the world and we encourage everyone to get involved in one way or another.

To all the people who are part of the Melbourne 2017 Trail walker journey we wish you all the best of success and we thank you for participating in an event that together tackles poverty.

We encourage all our clients to contact us should they need support with community projects, fundraisers and good causes. Together we have an opportunity to work towards a better community and create some meaningful change.

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