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Give a dog a home

Millennials have a strong bond with their fur family and we are finding they are considering them as a priority in the purchase of their home. Whilst the dream of the quarter acre block has diminished, having room for your dog is a big priority for the 20-30 something year old buyer.

Renting can reduce your opportunity of owning pets as often priority is given to pet free applicants. This further encourages people to get into the housing market to enjoy the freedom of having their own home which they can renovate and manage around their household of furry friends, partners and/or children.

It’s crucial to consider a number of things when buying a house, finance and budget being one of the prime factors. Affordability is paramount and whilst a big back yard with a lush lawn, a fully fenced garden, a nearby dog friendly park is high on the list of needs don’t forget location and amenities as being a crucial aspect of purchasing a home.

We often see dogs tied to a chair with their owners enjoying an alfresco breakfast at the local café. Along with the smashed avocado on toast comes the expense of having a pet; dressed in the latest fleece dog vest and studded collar, pet insurance is more popular than ever. Pet introduction apps are a thing!… and let’s not even consider the responsibility of trying to bring a pet on holidays.

There was a recent survey which indicated dogs were a bigger priority to millennials than kids or marriage when making a decision to purchase a home. Pet ownership is a large commitment and we love our fur families so it’s important to provide a suitable home; however, I encourage you to consider the humans in your life first. Question if your human family need a home close to work or a school, close to public transport, a hospital or other amenities.

Getting into the property market is exciting and you may need to start small and work your way up to a larger property. Work out your priorities and stick to your budget. Consider the people around you and your personal needs. It’s a juggle keeping everyone happy and catering for needs but at the end of the day you don’t want to find yourself in the dog house; maybe all your furry friend really wants is a bone.

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