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Considerations When Retiring Overseas as an Australian

Considerations When Retiring Overseas as an Australian

Retiring overseas is an attractive option for many Australians. The promise of new experiences, a different lifestyle, and sometimes lower living costs can be very appealing. However, before you make the move, there are several important considerations to keep in mind.

Cost of Living

One of the biggest attractions of retiring overseas is the potential for a lower cost of living. However, it’s essential to do thorough research.

The cost of living can vary significantly between countries and even within regions of the same country.

Consider expenses such as housing, food, healthcare, and transportation. Websites like Numbeo can help you compare the cost of living in different countries to ensure you are making a financially sound decision.


Access to quality healthcare is a crucial consideration. Some countries offer excellent healthcare systems, while others may not be up to the standards you are used to in Australia.

Investigate whether you will need to purchase private health insurance and the costs involved. Additionally, check if the country has reciprocal healthcare agreements with Australia, which might reduce your healthcare costs.

Pension and Superannuation

Your Australian Age Pension and superannuation are important aspects of your retirement income. It’s important to understand how retiring overseas will impact your pension.

The Australian government has agreements with some countries that allow you to receive your pension while living abroad, but the amount you receive could be affected by factors like how long you’ve lived in Australia and your tax residency.

Your superannuation can generally be accessed from overseas, but it’s wise to speak with a financial advisor about the best way to manage and withdraw your super to ensure you are maximising your retirement income.

Tax Implications

Living overseas can have significant tax implications. You need to understand the tax laws in both Australia and your new country of residence.

This includes knowing whether you will be classified as a resident or non-resident for tax purposes in Australia, which can affect your tax obligations.

It might be beneficial to consult with a tax professional who specialises in international taxation.

Legal and Visa Requirements

Different countries have different visa and residency requirements. Make sure you understand the legal requirements for living in your chosen country.

This might include securing long-term residency visas, proving sufficient income or savings, or other conditions.

It’s important to plan for the long term to avoid any legal issues that could force you to return to Australia unexpectedly.

Cultural and Language Differences

Adapting to a new culture and possibly a new language can be challenging. Consider whether you are ready for this adjustment and how it might affect your daily life and social interactions. It’s a good idea to visit the country several times before making a permanent move to ensure you feel comfortable there.

Access to Family and Friends

Living overseas means being far from family and friends. Consider how this distance will impact your relationships and how often you will be able to visit or have visitors. Being far away from your support network can be difficult, especially as you age.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is crucial when retiring overseas. Make sure you have a solid plan that covers all aspects of your retirement, including income, expenses, healthcare, and travel. Tax, medicare, and social security considerations are essential.

Working with a financial advisor who understands the complexities of retiring abroad can help you create a plan that ensures financial stability and peace of mind.


Retiring overseas can offer an exciting and rewarding lifestyle, but it requires careful planning and consideration even before leaving.

By understanding the cost of living, healthcare options, pension and tax implications, legal requirements, and other factors, you can make an informed decision that supports a fulfilling and financially secure retirement.

Consulting with professionals and thoroughly researching your destination will help ensure a smooth transition to your new life abroad.

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